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PHILIP GLASS : Piano Etudes Book 1 & Book 2

Complete 20 etudes by Philip Glass

From Philip Glass: "It's a highly dynamic and expressive performance. There's a certain energy that is uniquely hers."

MOM 2024-25 -- Vicky Chow Plays Philip Glass Piano Etudes Book 2 -- Photos by Jan Gates-48

THE WIRE - "Proving herself to be an outstanding interpreter of contemporary compositions for piano, Vicky Chow brings to this now familiar set of studies by Philip Glass the kind of expressive sensitivity that allows them to flourish. In her hands these pieces far transcend their ostensible status as technical exercises. Of course, the fascination with musical process and its functional operation that characterised early Glass works was soon superseded by an approach to composition that embraces emotional content. Rarely, however, has a recorded performance of his work been shaded with such subtle and convincing gradations of feeling as those Chow brings to even the most conceptually straightforward or starkly formal of these pieces. "


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