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New Yorker:


" 'Sonatra' is a milestone of composition, and Vicky Chow's recording of it is a milestone of pianism" (The New Yorker, Ethan Iverson) (read full review)



"Gordon’s writing—and Chow’s execution—delivers a delirium state of rare potency." 

"But in Chow’s hands, the riffs-for-days feel can call to mind other swing references; at times, her playing conjures a vision of some vintage piano genius like Art Tatum coming back to life and getting high on post-minimalism." (Pitchfork, Seth Colter Wells) (read full review)



"Chow digs into the right side of the piano, delivering glassy notes with numbing precision—there’s a jazz-like virtuosity in the percussiveness—and when notes begin heading downward, there’s the sensation of Nat King Cole’s charming melodic touch, albeit with a razor-like drive and maniacal, tightly-coiled heft." (Bandcamp, Best of Contemporary Classical February 2018, Peter Margasak) (read full review)

Rolling Stone:


“New York blip wrangler Tristan Perich composed this dizzying, disorienting 63-minute symphony for piano and 1-bit pixels blooping and chirping from 40 individual speakers. Pianist Vicky Chow interacts with these manic chiptune lightning bugs in fascinating ways — first by matching them, playing in sharply defined Philip Glass rectangles; then by playing against their alarm clock relentlessness for a cool darkjazz coda. Imagine Terry Riley's Rainbow in Curved Air played by an orchestra of digital watches and cooing calculators.”






New York City Jazz Record:

"one of Perich’s most successful projects to date...played wonderfully by Vicky Chow…”

Rhapsody: Top 25 Classical Albums of 2014:


I Care If You Listen:


"a minimalist tesseract comes to life in a stellar digital release from New Amsterdam Records”


New York Times: 


New York Times:


New York Times:



"an aesthetically dizzying synergy of acoustic strains and synthetic sounds”


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The Georgia Straight:




"With its overlapping patterns, static harmonies, and relentless repetition—not to mention its unbroken, hour-plus length—Surface Image might easily be seen as a 21st-century companion to the minimalist classics of the 1960s”


WNYC New Sounds: 

"an intense work of carefully constructed mathematical beauty and one of striking endurance for the pianist”




"Avant-garde pianist Vicky Chow releases an album full of roving, tense compositions from modern-day composers, blending her traditional piano with blurs of digital effects and percussion. "